3.1. Participate in a session

You have two possibilities to join a Nmeeting+ session:


Joining the session via Ncontrol

You can join the nmeeting+ session via ncontrol is you have booked the corresponding confeence room in advance.

Here you can read how to book a conference room.

-Log in to Ntontrol by entering your customer number, your extension and your voicemail PIN. 
-Click on the conference icon .
-Click on the arrow icon on the right side in the corresponding conference.
-Connect to the conference by phone.
-To connect to the conference, dial the telephone number and enter your participant's PIN.
-Click on the symbol Start Nmeeting+ on the top right.
Now you will see the following pop-up window that will give you the choice to join the session either via the Web Viewer or via the Nmeeting+ client.



Joining the session via the Web Viewer

If you have received an invitation to a Nmeeting+ session, you can access the Web Viewer by clicking on the link in the email and join the session.





Joining the session


You have the possibility to participate at a session without presenting.

-Enter your name in the corresponding field of the Web Viewer.
-Tag "Participate right away" and click on the orange button Start the Web Viewer.


Participate in a session and present


You have the possibility to participate at a session and to present, yet only if you download the Nmeeting+ client.  

-Enter your name in the corresponding field.
-Tag "Participate + Present".
-If you did not download the Nmeeting+ client, you can download it now by clicking on the link. 
-To join the session click on Start client

If the session has already been started by the presenter, the client opens automatically.

To display the screen transmission in full screen click on the gray bar with the white arrow in the middle. The blue field will then be closed.